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przemysłowa wiosna kielce 2018 PL

Kielce Industrial Spring 2018

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For many years "Targi Kielce Industrial Spring" has been a trend-setter for many industries. The exhibitions' prestige is demonstrated and confirmed with the previous edition's facts and figures: 900 exhibitors from 35 countries, over 12 thousand visitors.


From 10 to 12 April Kielce will host representatives of the whole business sector. The Targi Kielce Industrial Spring is the presentation platform for cutting-edge products and solutions at highly-specialized expo events:

  • Electronics and Automation Expo TEiA,
  • 3D Printing Days,
  • specialist exhibition - STOM-ROBOTICS is included in the 2018's cycle.


The jubilee 10th edition of 3D Printing Days is held this year under the auspices of HP. The event brings together business-insiders who represent 3D scanning industry and rapid prototyping; this is the showcase for the business-sector's most important market-player and companies. All major Polish printer manufacturers and foreign equipment distributors are also present at the event. The trade-show abounds with novelties and latest developments. The first office-class atomizer used for metal powders production by 3D Lab will be presented at the fair. This will also be the stage for a spectacular presentation of SONDASYS 01 project – Poland's first industrial 3D printer in the SLS technology.


For the first time the "Industrial Spring" expo cluster includes the STOM-ROBOTICS trade-show. Yaskawa has been appointed the event's official partner. The STOM-ROBOTICS début will be solely focused on industrial robots. YASKAWA - MOTOMAN cutting-edge robots will also be on display at the trade fair.


Manufacturers that offer supreme-quality machines and equipment for broadly-defined sheet-metal and pipe cutting, processing and machining business sector are brought together for the STOM-BLECH&CUTTING Expo.


Those interested in the laser technologies are invited to visit the STOM - LASER Expo - the showcase and knowledge-well for laser optics systems, rapid prototyping, laser scanning and recognition devices and software.


The WELDING expo is also very popular – every year is the showcase for products and services of, inter alia SPAW-TECH, CENTRO-SPAW, SPARTUS, SAP-WELD, Hyundai Welding Co., CLOOS Germany, KEMPER Germany, DYJAS Germany, SELCO Italy, TECHNAX France and many other.


The upcoming Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring is held from 10 to 12 April 2018.


Free admission – prior registration required:

Piotr Pawelec

tel.: +48 41 365 12 20

e-mail: pawelec.piotr@targikielce.pl

branże: Narzędzia mechaniczne, Maszyny dla metalurgii, Produkcja i przetwórstwo metali, Maszyny i urządzenia, Wydawnictwa, Pozostałe branże, Organizacja targów i wydarzeń

Polska - Kielce
2018-04-10 - 2018-04-12
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