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Doors & windows have the most attractive portion among the numerous fields of constructional activities in Iran, so have the most prosperity, as well. Just during the last decade in Iran, this industry has given up its traditional structure and expedite to the modernism. It is just a few years that utilization of standard, safe and insulator doors and windows has got mandatory and the users and consumers also are extremely enthusiastic in using these products. This new taste and necessity caused the manufacturers to change their production platform to manufacture new and updated products. At the same time the volume of export to Iran has found an unbelievable growing rate, so that at present time doors and windows have the highest rate of import in Iran, in comparison with the other products which are used in constructions and buildings. Among the constructional materials, the most volume of exports to Iran is dedicated to doors and windows products and too many Iranian companies are engaging in manufacturing them or importing the relevant technology for production. It seems as a real fact that now in Iran, the most profitable business in construction fields is in connection with doors and windows .The pioneer international companies (either manufacturers or traders) who begin to deal with Iran, will be certainly successful, since they are coming to a virgin market with its 75 million population and its numerous renovating and rebuilding projects.


Exhibition's Profile:

  • All types of doors & windows for buildings, houses, garages, gardens, stores, hospitals and factories, from different materials, e.g. wood, MDF, HDF, aluminum, composite, pvc, upvc, fiberglass, forged, stainless steel, bronze, three ply wood, glass, metal
  • Industrial doors
  • Hand-made decorative doors & windows
  • Security doors & windows
  • Water proof and fire proof doors & windows
  • Automatic & remote control doors
  • Sliding, revolving, folding & swing doors and the relevant mechanisms
  • Energy-saving windows and doors
  • Electric telescopic doors
  • Insulated & double glasses windows
  • All kind of glass products, machinery and equipment
  • Cabinet & closet doors
  • Facades & entrances
  • Gates & guards (manual and automatic)
  • Winter garden , green houses and balconies
  • Parking systems
  • All types of curtain walls
  • Window bracket
  • Glass, wood, decorative and industrial partitions and doors
  • All types of frames and profiles
  • Soft & rigid sheets and alloys
  • Shutters & barriers
  • Wood-polymer composite panels
  • Sunlight panels
  • Hand rails
  • Various Locks, door closer, door handles, hinges, rail-style slideway
  • Security locks and safety equipment
  • Die cast, anodizing, thermal break & powder coating systems
  • Windows and doors processing equipment
  • Pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, hydro-electrical equipment
  • Sealing materials, sealants, sealant adhesives and tapes
  • Varnishes and paints, protective films, special covering
  • Assembly equipment and devices
  • Auxiliary and detection equipment
  • Automation devices & Control Systems
  • Robotic and automation production systems
  • All relevant accessories
  • Machineries, Manufacturing Devices & Equipments
  • Machine tools & tools
  • Design and software materials
  • Repair and warranty services, after sales services
  • Recycling technologies and systems
  • Installation, transport and assembly
  • Research & development, planning, processing and production
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Iran - Teheran
2018-02-02 - 2018-02-05
Dodał: Patrycja Operacz