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horti tech 2017 PL


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What varieties are worth investing in? What are the export markets? Which technologies should be used? What are the effective ways to protect crops from destruction? These and many more questions regarding fruit and vegetable farming find the answer at the Targi Kielce's HORTI-TECH - the Fruit and Vegetable Production Technology Expo.


We look forward to seeing you on 21 and 22 November 2017.


HORTI-TECH is Poland's first comprehensive exhibition and educational event. Its programme includes important conferences on fruit and vegetable varieties and the most business-sector related issues. The event has already gained a large and dedicated group of exhibitors and visitors. Not only did the two previous editions host Polish companies. It was also the presentation arena for companies from the United Kingdom and the United States. Equipment for advanced fruit and vegetable cultivation such as sprayers, combines, mist-sprayers, mowers and everything farms need. Yet this is just part of the exhibition.


HORTI-TECH offers a great advantage compared to other fruit-farming events held in Poland as it gives the opportunity to gain substantial knowledge for the upcoming seasons. The expertise if offered by specialists and business insiders.


Project Manager

Kamil Perz

phone: +48 41 365 12 30

mobile phone: +48 602 576 654

e-mail: perz.kamil@targikielce.pl