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FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS Poland will be organised under the banner of innovativeness introduced by private label owners, both in terms of products as well as ground-breaking strategic tools.


The fourth event in the series is organised by Targi Kielce – ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe’s the trade fair and expo centres.


FPL combines the exhibition of private label producers as well as industry-insider conference which features the industry experts from the home and abroad. This is complemented with workshops, packaging competition.


Last year's event brought together 800 private labels industry specialists - traders and retail-chains' representatives as well as private label manufacturers and packaging designers. The conference attended numerous foreign industry experts enjoyed the audience 120 people. The workshops which discussed the role of packaging in products branding were attended by 60 participants. 2016's Targi Kielce FPL was the showcase for the 83 exhibitors from 9 countries: Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech and Poland. Product innovation and much more.


This year's FPL 2017 we will focus our on innovations introduced by private label owners, both in terms of products as well as ground-breaking strategic tools. The FPL programme includes the Exhibition of Innovative FMCG Products. Not only is this the opportunity to present what producers have on offer but also an insight into the retail chains' activities focussed on expansion of private label assortment with innovative products. The knowledge and experience exchange platform.


The idea behind the Targi Kielce's FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS programme is to create Poland's knowledge, inspiration and experience exchange platform. The event offers an overview of trends and innovative concepts from all corners of the world. FPL objectives were best presented by last year speakers. What is important is a comprehensive insight in to the private label market's development directions. - This applies both to retailers and companies which offer private label products. - said Joao Ramos from Jeronimo Martins Poland who also joined the Kielce event.


Companies ought to understand private label's essence. This endeavour encompasses development of a right attitude and management - added Remy Medina of the International Private Labels Consult from the Netherlands - Therefore Kielce's FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS conference provides added value those who wants to engage in private labels in Poland as well as in Europe.


Workshops, trainings, conferences The 4th FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS features a novelty - a series of workshops whose objective is a practical analysis of what happens in the private labels world in the near future. For example, the workshops will be devoted to:

  • "Private label packaging in the "food & non-food" category,
  • "Private label packaging in the "personal care & pharmacy" category.

The workshop are targeted at those who work on private label packaging strategies and projects. Private label managers, merchants, suppliers, representatives graphic studios are also most welcome to join in.


One of the organizers' new ideas for FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS 2017 are trainings under the banner of: "Partnership cooperation between private label suppliers and the owners." The trainings are addressed at manufacturers who wish to develop private label cooperation with retail chains and distributors. Its scope ranges from strategic analysis of the company's readiness to produce private label products through offer development and presentation at trade-shows and business-insiders meetings, business discussions. The role of supplier in private label creation and development as well as contract finalization and the key legal aspects of trade agreements will also be discussed. Training will be exclusively given by practitioners who boast many-year experience in building business relationships and private labels strategies. Trainers draw on expertise of retail chains and large suppliers of private label products.


This is the second time the best private label packaging win prizes and awards at the best private label packaging staged in Kielce. Last year's "Best Private Labels Packaging" proved to be very popular among participants.


Project Manager

Robert Frąk

tel.: +48 606 447 618

e-mail: frak.robert@targikielce.pl

branże: Warzywa i owoce, Słodycze, Kawa, herbata i przyprawy, Wyroby z mięsa i ryb, Wyroby zbożowe, piekarske i mączne, Napoje alkoholowe, Wyroby z gumy i tworzyw sztucznych, Odzież, tekstylia, wyroby skórzane, Kosmetyki, Handel, Mięso, Wyroby mleczarskie, Wyroby z warzyw i owoców, AGD, Oleje i tłuszcze spożywcze, Media i reklama

Polska - Kielce
2017-10-25 - 2017-10-26
Dodał: Patrycja Operacz