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Economic Forum: Estonia - 1st in the EU in the Index of Economic Freedom

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Are you looking to take advantage of one of the freest economies in the world, a gate to Finland and Russia but don’t know where to start?


Join us to discuss challenges and opportunities for trade, investment and business development in Estonia and Finland and Russia as well. This Forum will comprise a series of keynote speeches, conversations and Q&A sessions so you are able to voice any queries or concerns you have regarding your company's operations in Estonia. There will also be some time for networking and building your contact base.


  • Date: 08 June 2017
  • Location: Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Warsaw


Key Themes:

  • Estonia export and import overview
  • e-solutions (well, everything can be done in Estonia online except for marriage and selling a house)
  • e-Residency solutions
  • start-up considerations
  • tax and legal considerations
  • Estonia - as a hub for Finland and Russa
  • and, of course, what about my taxes in Poland? special opportunieties for Polish businesses, Brexit and more.


More information and registration: www.forumestonia.legalmoneyreport.com