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The International Occupational Safety and Fire Protection Systems Exhibition KIELCE WORK SAFETY EXPO - a new expo in Targi Kielce's calendar of events. The trade-show is targeted at manufacturers and distributors as well as companies which value their employees' occupational safety and health.


The expo has been granted the honorary patronage of the Office of Technical Inspection. The event's extensive and comprehensive product and service range includes: individual protection means for employees (equipment, clothes, safety footwear and workear), collective protection measures (against radiation, noise, electric shock, ventilation systems, protection), materials for work-wear and protective clothing production, fire safety and prevention signs, evacuation signs, evacuation signs, occupational health and safety signs and instructions emergency, evacuation and safety lights, alarm and warning systems, early threat detection systems, equipment and systems for facilities technical safety, risks monitoring systems at work environment, passive fire protection systems for facilities, workplace and workstation ergonomics, hygienic products, hygiene and personal care products, sanitary equipment and first aid equipment, medical rescue equipment and appliances, control and measurement instruments, chemical and environmental rescue equipment and measures, communication systems for emergency services, disparagement and command stations equipment, mass decontamination systems, trainings and education, fire safety and occupational safety experts' services, industry publications, institutions and organizations, higher education institutions which offer university courses in: fire protection, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, emergency medical services and paramedics.


The International Occupational Safety and Fire Protection Systems Exhibition KIELCE WORK SAFETY EXPO is held parallel to the International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition KIELCE IFRE-EXPO- the events are held from 8 to 10 June 2017.


The Expo Manager

Aneta Pastuszka

+48 41 365 14 16

+48 606 731 843