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The Gas Engineering Fair exhibitors and visitors have always highlighted the fact that EXPO-GAS offers a unique and special opportunity to meet gas industry experts, business-insiders and specialists in one place. The trade-show is one-stop-shop to become familiar with innovative technological solutions as well as to establish business and trade relations On 26 and 27 April 2017 the Targi Kielce expo halls will be the showcase for gas-networks, devices and gas-consuming appliances.


The trade show will not fall short of measuring, analysis, and control devices and equipment designed for gas industry. The expo stands will also abound with materials, equipment and fitments for gas pipelines construction, gas pressure regulators, compressor stations and many other. In 2007 the EXPO-GAS brought together only 70 exhibitors and attracted 1,382 guests. GAS EXPO-2015 was the showcase for 114 companies from Poland, Czech Republic, France, China, Germany, Great Britain, Belarus and Ukraine - they put on display the latest technologies and solutions. The trade show was staged on over 2,500 square meters of the exhibition space and attracted 3,500 business insiders. The expo's continuous development and dynamic advancement shows the need to hold such events. The EXPO-has gained broad-scale recognition in the whole business sector. The EXPO-GAS' strength is also demonstrated in opinion-poll conducted among visitors. As many as 99% of respondents returned positive feedback - the expo has met their expectations. Owing to the exhibition participation, as many as 60% of visitors established new, profitable business contacts. In order to make the EXPO-GAS offer comprehensive and all-inclusive as well as better adapted to the specialised audiences' and business-insiders' needs, the upcoming edition will include a début-event - Gas Heating Appliances Expo - Installation and Maintenance organized by Targi Kielce and the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry. The expo is organised in conjunction with the Polish Corporation of Sanitary, Heating, Gas and Air-Conditioning in Warsaw with the support of the Association of Producers and Importers of Heating Appliances. The event's product and service range includes: central heating boilers, hot water gas heaters, gas heat pumps, radiators and air heaters, burners, chimney systems, valves and fittings for gas heating systems, pumps for gas heating installations, measuring, analysis, and control equipment and technology for gas heating systems, control systems and equipment for heat sources.


Join us in Targi Kielce on 26 and 27 April 2017.


Project Director

Anna Prędota

+48 41 365 12 31

+48 606 447 412