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The Fruit and Vegetable Technology Expo HORTI-TECH is a comprehensive event which combines a professional exhibition and educational aspects. It has been designed to present innovative technologies and machines for orchard and vegetable production enhanced with most up-to-date knowledge.


Targi Kielce boasts 22-year tradition of Agrotech organisation - Poland's largest indoor agricultural exhibition in expo halls. Now this will be the showcase for machines and tools manufacturers, including gear and equipment used as well as cutting-edge technologies for horticultural production. The exhibition will include substrates (mineral and organic), constructions and specialized equipment for greenhouses and plastic tunnels. This will also be a display of fog-machines and systems, sprinkler, irrigation, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and biostimulators, cultivators as well as harvesting, sorting and packaging machines, sprayers and accessories (cultivation containers, pallets, labels, packaging).


Kielce trade-show will feature plant-nurseries, storage techniques, protective clothing, services for gardening, horticultural structures. This will be complemented with the educational part composed of trainings workshops.


The HORT-TECHNIKA is enhanced with the Fruit & Vegetable Conference organised by Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship's Marshal Office. This will be a discussion platform for most topical issues for fruit and vegetables sector as well as market forecasts until 2020. The best machine and solutions presented at the expo will be awarded medals - HORTI-TECH Innovations.


Last year's fruit and vegetable expo held in Kielce brought together nearly 3,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors; this set the basis for this year's event 's large-scale format HORTI-TECH.


HORTI-TECH enjoys its partner's support - Leaf Media. For more than a decade this has Poland's only company which specializes in logistics and media services for horticultural and agricultural commodity market.


Targi Kielce and Leaf Media meet the expectations and needs of fruit and vegetable business sector. HORTI-TECH will bring together Polish and international companies which offer resources and knowledge for large-scale farms.


We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce on 18 to 19 November.


Project Manager:

Kamil Perz

+48 41 365 12 30

+48 602 576 654