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Baltexpo 2017 PL


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We have a pleasure to inform you that the 19th BALTEXPO International Exhibition and Conference will be held on 11-13th September, 2017, in Gdańsk.


BALTEXPO International Exhibition and Conference is the biggest and the oldest event in Poland among economic events related to broadly understood maritime economy: shipbuilding industry and its related parties, ports and logistics associated to the use of the maritime and inland waterways transportation and the security of coasts, ports and navigation. In connection with the new Polish economic development program, special emphasis is placed on the development of maritime industries, shipbuilding, offshore - extraction of oil and gas from under the seabed, the development of ports and port services as well as energy security in the maritime dimension. Exhibition and Conference is an excellent place to exchange views and establish economic relations aimed at economic cooperation between the countries.


BALTEXPO gathers over 300 companies from 14 countries. Both companies and visitors participate in the event to start the business cooperation and to discuss the following topics:

  • Shipbuilding industry and equipment
  • Offshore and the search for natural resources beneath the seabed
  • Ports, port facilities and port services
  • Logistics and seaport based multimodal transport
  • Security of ports and inland navigation
  • Environment protection
  • Maritime aspects of the energy sector
  • Media, law, politics


Among the main BALTEXPO 2017 conferences and accompanying events, there are also other topics discussed:

  • Solutions for ‘green shipping’ and short range navigation. Mainly considering Scandinavian countries – innovative technologies, solutions and experiences derived from the usage of gas, electric and hybrid drive vessel
  • Special needs for vessel designed for operating in arctic conditions and at the Northern Atlantic – experiences from Poland and from aboard.
  • Reloading and access infrastructure in the context of seaports development – coast, tunnels, navigation canals – investment plans and available technologies
  • Baltic Pipe and LNG – the maritime dimension of the energy sector.
  • The economic context of maritime orientation – shipbuilding industry as an escape way from the mediocre economic growth trap.
  • Pleasure boats – advanced technologies for the safe and comfortable tourist navigation (ferries, yachts, cruise ships and their equipment)


Given the priority and importance of the maritime economy for the proper functioning and development of the economy in the national and global dimension, we recommend the event for all the industry and trade stakeholders as well as to those interested in the maritime themes.


Detailed information: http://www.baltexpo.ztw.pl/

branże: Statki i łodzie, Produkcja środków transportu, Transport i logistyka, Ropa naftowa i gaz ziemny, Energia i surowce odnawialne, Ochrona środowiska, Maszyny i urządzenia

Polska - Gdańsk
2017-09-11 - 2017-09-13
Dodał: Małgorzata Kędzierska