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Petrol Station International Trade Fair 2016

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Over 20 years Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels has been taking care about fuel market and helps it to thrive. Dynamic development, new products and solutions for the whole branch need platform for their presentation. For that purpose we organize International Trade Fairs Petrol Station that are one of the most important events for the branch in the region. With a long story behind and a large number of domestic and international exhibitors, International Petrol Station Fair is one of the most recognized events for fuel retailing networks, fuel industry and car washes in Central and Eastern Europe. It is the great opportunity to acquire business contacts in this area and to present products and services to wide range of attendees.


Event profile:

  • Petrol stations – construction, design, modernization
  • Equipment for LPG, CNG and LNG stations
  • Biofuels, alternative fuels
  • Carwashes, car care cosmetics
  • Car workshops
  • Protection of the environment
  • Convenience
  • Outer signage, visual identification
  • Transport, fleet, logistics
  • Fuel trade
  • Renewable energy sources


Why Petrol Station Fair?

Petrol Station International Trade Fair is worth participating and visiting for many reasons. It is the biggest branch event in Poland and Central-East Europe devoted to fuels, petrol stations its suppliers and infrastructure and car washes. That provides the perfect opportunity to penetrate Polish market for those who are looking for new sales market and those who are looking for novelties and products as well.


Advantages for atendees:

  • Are you looking for good quality and fair in price products or services? Polish market is well known for providing the finest products for honest prices.
  • It is a platform for sharing opinions, know-how and knowledge among top experts. Here you can find information about Central European trends and markets.
  • It is the biggest presentation of car washes in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • It has a wide range of accompanying events: seminars, conferences and product presentations*.
  • The trade fair is held in Warsaw – one the fastest growing city and economies in Central Europe and a hub for business with well developed infrastructure and connections with the whole Europe. It is a bridge between West and East.

*All framework programme is lead Polish


Advantages for exhibitors:

  • The event gives you an ideal possibility to present your offer to numerous branch experts and professionals that are looking for good quality products and services. Many of them attend to the event with intention to purchase, find a supplier or start a franchise business.
  • Petrol Station International Trade Fair, as the biggest branch event in Poland, gives you opportunity to assess Polish market and find its needs, expectations in direct conversations with experts and businessmen.
  • It is a solution for these firms that are looking for dealers and that want to build network of distribution in Poland.
  • The event provides a chance to promote your brand and to broaden its recognition in the region, building solid fundaments for further market penetration. Additionally, You can submit your product or service to Product of the Year*
  • Exhibiting at Petrol Station International Trade Fair gives a possibility to mobilize export department, set new goals and find new customers on one of the fastest emerging market in Europe.


*Product of the Year competition is an integral part of each edition of Petrol Station International Trade Fair. The competition is aimed at highlighting the best products and services presented during the fair. To be applied for participation, the product must have certificates and trade permits required in Poland. It is a prestigious prize that provides good recognition and substantial basis for sales growth.



  • owners and workers of filling stations
  • representatives of oil concerns, management
  • servicing and design companies
  • transport and forwarding companies
  • suppliers and wholesalers of fuels
  • FMCG companies
  • IT and marketing companies
  • investors operating within fuel and petrol station sectors
  • suppliers of products and services for petrol stations
  • administrative offices


We will be pleased to host you on the upcoming 23rd Petrol Station International Trade Fair. More than 4000 experts are expected to participate this year. Join the most important and the biggest event for the branch in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe and build solid business network and contacts on one of the biggest and fastest growing market in European Union.


Organizer: Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels

19 Słomińskiego St, 1st floor, office 521,

00-195 Warsaw, Poland

Phone/fax +48 22 637 50 77


Venue: EXPO XXI Warsaw

12/14 Prądzyńskiego St, Warsaw, Poland

Phone (+48) 22 256 7100

branże: Transport i logistyka, Części i akcesoria samochodowe, Przemysł petrochemiczny, Ropa naftowa i gaz ziemny

Polska - Warszawa
2016-05-11 - 2016-05-13
Dodał: Małgorzata Kędzierska