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InterNanoPoland 2016

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The NANONET Foundation, City KATOWICE and the Silesian Nano Cluster organize on the 14th of June 2016 a seminar, networking meeting and expo – InterNanoPoland – a conference on topics of nanotechnology, modern companies and good practices in cluster management and nano- governance. Representatives from all over the world are expected to take part in the event. The aim of the meeting is to emphasize the importance of cross-border capability of an innovative company and portray Poland as a country with world class nanotechnology and industry. The INP conference will be held during the INTARG 2016 expo in the International Conference Center in Katowice.


During the INP Polish enterprises and science institutes will present their cooperation and product offers, discussions, B2B meetings and seminars will be held. The conference is aimed to develop and show the Polish innovative market to the world market and establish new business contacts.


We want to invite the representatives of companies, clusters and R&D organizations from developed countries such as Japan, England, Italy, Germany and Israel, as well as the countries that border Poland such as the Czech Republic, Russia and Latvia. Poland may become a kind of a bridge between Eastern and Western modern industry and scientific studies. The countries participating in the conference will be in an excellent position to develop international contacts in the future.


The conference will be attended by:





ITP System

Smart Nanotechnologies

University of Silesia

Wrocław Research Centre EIT+

Silesian University of Technology

AGH University of Science and Technology

Institute of Security Technology MORATEX


Representatives of Polish innovative nanotechnology companies and research institutes:


Organizations supporting research, development and innovation:



Representatives of companies and clusters from countries supporting innovative solutions:



the Czech Republic













The purposes of the meeting/conference:

  • Internationalization of Polish nanotechnology and advanced innovative companies,
  • Consolidation of contacts with innovative organizations and companies from the countries that border Poland, the EU member countries, and Russia and Japan,
  • Promotion of Polish modern entrepreneurship and a positive image of Poland as an active and innovative country at the global level,
  • Exchange of information on good practices used in other countries in terms of regulation, legislation and management of nanotechnology and innovative companies,
  • Exchange of experience and business contacts.
  • Acquisition of new potential partners for companies and research institutions,


NANONET Foundation may provide promotional stands for exhibition during the INTARG and INP conference.


The INP conference will be held in the International Congress Center in Katowice, a city which has supported innovative development and modern economy for a long time. The date of the event is 14th of June, 2016. During the INP, the NANONET Foundation will organize a series of study visits ( 15th of June) to innovative Polish companies listed above (such as PREVAC and EIT+).


For more details, and in case of any suggestions or proposals, please contact the NANONET Foundation:


dr inż. Adam Szatkowski


tel: 883 777 709


mgr inż. Michał Macha

tel: 509 643 613

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Polska - Katowice
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