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CHEMSS Poland 2016

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We invite you to participate in the first Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security CHEMSS 2016 and the accompanying International Chemical Safety and Security Fair CHEM-SAFETY-EXPO.


The Summit will be the first global non-political event to address chemical and ecological safety and security and prevent misuse of toxic chemicals in the entire chain of chemical activity, including development, production, transportation, use, storage and disposal of chemicals. The Summit and the Fair aspire to be a tipping point for national and international efforts to develop a global chemical and ecological safety and security market through internationalization and operationalization of the best existing national and international best practices, capacity building, solutions and technologies.


Program – selected topics

  • Chemical Security Threats today and national and international efforts to mitigate them
  • Enhancing chemical safety and security in chemical industry, with an emphasis on Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Industrial security system management programs and their ongoing improvements
  • Chemical safety and security in the transit of dangerous goods
  • Cyber security innovations and automation system solutions
  • Improving chemical and ecological safety and security at local level
  • Best practices in the area of prevention of major accidents and incident management Why to participate?
  • Chance to join the emerging global market for chemical and environmental safety and security
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest trends and risk prevention systems in the chemical business
  • Opportunity to participate in training sessions and presentations carried out by the recognized international experts
  • The event eagers to become the future “must be” place for chemical safety and security practitioners, providers and users
  • All stakeholders engaged in enhancing chemical safety and security at one place - chance to network with a wide range of delegates and benefit from utility, product, and consultancy service.
  • The possibility to join the chemss2016 international network promoting chemical safety and environmental protection best practices, capacity building and technical solutions worldwide
  • Access to the latest solutions in the fight against cyber-crime in industrial activity
  • Active promotion of the participants of the Congress and Exhibition in social media and the Internet
  • KIELCE: picturesque and easily accessible city - 6 airports in 150 km radius, easy access from the venue to the near express road The Fair CHEM-SAFETY-EXPO will include exhibitions of equipment, technologies, software, procedures and trainings that provide best existing solutions in chemical and ecological safety and security and ensure sound management of chemicals.
branże: Przemysł obronny i zbrojeniowy, Transport i logistyka, Pozostałe wyroby chemiczne, Aparatura pomiarowa i zegarki, Przemysł petrochemiczny, Wyroby chemiczne w formach podstawowych, Ochrona środowiska, Przemysł chemiczny i kosmetyczny

Polska - Kielce
2016-04-18 - 2016-04-20
Dodał: Małgorzata Kędzierska