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International Fair of Fishing and Fishery Management

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The ExpoRYBY Fair, in addition to the already well-known EXPOHunting and the 1st edition of EXPOShooting in Silesia, has been created to meet the needs of the market - IT'S A FAIR WITH PASSION! In the Silesian province and neighbouring areas alone, there are more than 65,000 associated fishermen and anglers! This impressive market potential is the basic argument to participate in the first edition of this event.

Unlike other fairs, ExpoRYBY covers both angling and commercial fishing. The invitation to participate in ExpoRYBY is extended to manufacturers and distributors offering:

  • Angling equipment [rods and reels] and accessories
  • Lures, baits and attractors
  • Clothing, footwear and accessories for anglers
  • Special fishery offers
  • Angling tourism offers
  • 4x4
  • Floating equipment: boats, inflatables, engines
  • Tourist equipment
  • Industry Press
  • Offers of fishing and angling associations

Invitation to participate in ExpoRYBY is extended to:

  • Angling associations
  • Angling clubs
  • Fish farms
  • Special fisheries

During the fair, you can expect to see new equipment and demonstrations and participate in meetings with fishing enthusiasts as well as competitions with attractive prizes.


Contact person:

Sylwia Pałaczanis-Langier

tel.: +48 32 78 87 545
fax: +48 32 78 87 526
kom.: +48 510 031 696
e-mail: sylwia.langier@exposilesia.pl; exporyby@exposilesia.pl




Expo Silesia
41-219 Sosnowiec
ul. Braci Mieroszewskich 124
tel. +48 32 78 87 500
fax +48 32 78 87 502
e-mail: exposilesia@exposilesia.pl


branże: Wyroby z mięsa i ryb, Ryby

Polska - Sosnowiec
2016-03-11 - 2016-03-13
Dodał: Krzysztof Kuciński