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Shooting, Military and Survival Fair

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EXPOShooting is the only event in Poland created for the enthusiasts of various kinds of weapons: pneumatic weapons, firearms, as well as gunpowder, historical and collectors' weapons. We will prove that shooting is not only an interesting sports discipline, but also an interesting hobby for everyone! Also the fans of bowstring weapons, archery and ASG and paintball will enjoy themselves at this event. Those with adrenaline in their veins, will be able to fulfill their passions connected with militaries and survival in special theme zones.

EXPOShooting for companies means the B2B meetings for suppliers and distributors, for the purpose of organizing wholesale cooperation. The market leaders will present the solutions, services and products which, together with the chance for personal contacts, will develop a unique opportunity to execute the orders in a direct and complex manner.

EXPOShooting for enthusiasts is a perfect opportunity for the Professionals to advise the Customers and select the equipment adapted to their needs. It is a real bargain for the people interested in new trends, and in supplementing their equipment with top quality solutions.

Thematic scope of EXPOShooting:

  • ASG [rifles, balls and gases, masks and clothes, pistols and revolvers]
  • paintball
  • pneumatic weapons [air rifles, air rifle accessories [pellets, PCP accessories, bipods, parts, holsters, backstops, clips, CO2 bullets, shooting glasses, covers, springs and slideways, shooting ranges, targets, suitcases], pneumatic crossbows, pistols and rifles, FT and HFT, air rifles in excess of 17 kJ]
  • firearms [small and long arms; rimfire and central-fire guns, dynamic shooting [IPSC, shot off], target static shooting [IPSC] and long-distance [longshot]]
  • black powder weapons [not requiring a license and requiring a collector's or sports license; long range]
  • historical and collectors' weapons
  • bowstring weapons and archery
  • ammunition
  • knives and cold steel weapons
  • paramilitary equipment
  • outdoor equipment
  • clothing and footwear
  • optics, night-vision devices and torches
  • survival [among others: masking paints, compasses, flint and steel, cookers, locators, canteens, heaters, saws and axes, camp shovels, thermoses, bags and backpacks, navigations, watches, hydration systems, first-aid kits, food rations, tents, sleeping bags and mats, magazines, films, handbooks, maps]
  • defense accessories [among others: stun guns, handcuffs, flares and smoke grenades, gas pistols, pepper sprays, personal alarms and deterrents, telescopic clubs, classical clubs and tonfa clubs, RMB pistols and accessories, RAM pistols and accessories]
  • off-road, ATVs and military vehicles
  • computer and board games, model-making
  • media and sector organizations
  • self-defense
  • historical reenactments


Contact person:

Roger Wroński - Project Manager

tel.: +48 32 78 87 537
fax: +48 32 78 87 526
kom.: +48 510 030 325
e-mail: roger.wronski@exposilesia.pl; exposhooting@exposilesia.pl




Expo Silesia
41-219 Sosnowiec
ul. Braci Mieroszewskich 124
tel. +48 32 78 87 500
fax +48 32 78 87 502
e-mail: exposilesia@exposilesia.pl


branże: Przemysł obronny i zbrojeniowy

Polska - Sosnowiec
2016-05-06 - 2016-05-08
Dodał: Krzysztof Kuciński