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Warsaw Book Fair PL

Warsaw Book Fair 2016

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We invite foreign Partners to participate in 7. Warsaw Book Fair, organized at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland on May 19-22, 2016.


The Warsaw Book Fair is the most dynamically developing fair event, highly recognized in Poland and in the world. It has been organized since 2010 by the companies Targi Książki and Murator EXPO.


The greatest advantages of the Fair are its rich and diverse programme of accompanying events, the broadest representation of publishers and authors in Poland, as well as effective promotion and the largest audience.


In the Polish market we stand out due to:

  • a combination of many years of experience in organizing fairs with a unique knowledge of the needs of the book market
  • the ability to create events with a strong business and commercial potential, well received among the media and the general public


This year’s, 6th edition of the Warsaw Book Fair, with France as a guest of honour, organized at the National Stadium was a huge success.

  • 860 exhibitors from Poland and 28 countries presented their latest publications and bestsellers, thanks to new exhibitors, the surface area of the Fair increased from 15,000 to 20,000 square metres,
  • almost 800 eminent authors from Poland and abroad presented their works,
  • in 10 conference halls and on three stages, our partners organized 320 events, inviting many famous figures
  • of the international literary circles and important guests from the book industry,
  • we are particularly happy that the number of booksellers and librarians visiting the Fair has almost doubled.
  • In four days, the Fair was visited by more than 72 000 people, including many representatives of the book industryand the media.


Let’s meet at Warsaw Book Fair in May 2016!


More information:

Teresa Wieczorek

Sales Coordinator

tel.: +48 22 829 66 86

mobile: +48 696 452 741

e-mail: twieczorek@muratorexpo.pl

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Polska - Warsaw
2016-05-19 - 2016-05-22
Dodał: Anna Woińska