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Nautica Zagreb Boat Show 2016

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  • Sail …. the immense seas and oceans
  • Discover….the mysterious depths and richness of the submarine world
  • Live…..your life to the full, be healthy, active and positive


…. All sea and boat enthusiasts will be ready to set sail after their visit to the Zagreb Boat Show.
The 24th edition of the largest business boat show in the region will present world producers of boats, yachts, sailing boats, speedboats, scooters, kayaks, dinghies, marine engines and outboard motors, clothing and footwear, equipment and accessories for diving, fishing, sailing and other water sports.
Numerous Croatian marinas, charter companies, shipyards, schools, agencies, clubs, institutions and associations related to boating and nautical tourism will offer their services.
Therefore let us sail together the same course and at the same speed towards yet another Zagreb Boat Show at the Zagreb Fair.

branże: Turystyka, sport i rekreacja, Maszyny i urządzenia, Transport i logistyka, Pozostałe branże

Chorwacja - Zagreb
2016-02-17 - 2016-02-21
Dodał: Marek Kubel-Grabau