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Sale of seamless pipe rolling mill - WRJ

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Contact person
Mateusz Drabek
Phone: 575660327

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Description of the contract

Seamless tube plant on sale now
Silesia Financial Group (TFS) and Silesia Tube Plant (WRS being Chief creditors of „Jednosc” Tube Mill (WRJ), and participatory controlling all strategic WRJ assets, because they hold 87% of the plant debts. TFS is a first-hand creditor on mortgage, whereas WRS is a holder of pledge over the „Jednosc” Tube Mill property in its entirety.

Future perspectives
WRS Plant (which is in 100% dependent on TFS Group) is now conducting a metallurgical activity within the territories that historically belong to the former “Jedność” Plant, thus continuing a 170 years metallurgical tradition and belonging to the biggest Polish cold rolled seamless and seam pipe producers, simultaneously WRS is one of the creditors of WRJ.

TFS and WRS, as the Chief Creditors of WRJ, herewith invite all who is interested to purchase the assets of seamless pipes continuous rolling plant in the town of Siemianowice Slaskie. .

Formal obstacles connected to the sequestrating of the WRJ properties by banks, Stalexport and Finance Ministry, were waved in 2007. TFS Group bought the repayment commitments belonging to the creditors and thoroughly prepared the property and assets to be put to auction by the court bailiff. Form that time, the court dismissed or dropped cases forwarded to be filed by WRJ and concerning the plant bankruptcy, auction sale because of insolvency and financial restructuring of the company. In June 2017, the meeting of shareholders adopted a resolution to dissolve the company. The sale could be conducted by way of the bailiff action which means for the buyer that the property bought will be free of charges whatsoever. The property is insured, the equipment is still inside the shops and in a good condition. A Mannesmann System seamless pipeline mill, when sold, will not only results in the debts paid, but allows to raise funds to be invested in WRS which employs currently more than 130 people in the town of Siemianowice Slaskie.

This article starts the information action about the possibility to purchase WRJ. Taking into consideration the peculiarities of the property, this information will be globally promulgated between the entities dealing in metallurgy. The actions will be undertaken broadly, e.g., the announcements in the biggest portals connected to the steel branch, as well as in a specialized media throughout the world. Besides, a participation in the biggest branch fair in Dusseldorf in April 2018. The wholesale purchase or a purchase pf technologically organized parts will be suggested to potential buyers.

The well-known and appreciated Mannesmann Demag (today SMS MEER) delivered the main processing units in 2000-2002. Similar processing lines produced by SMS MEER are functioning throughout the world within the production of seamless pipes/

The then „Jednosc” metallurgical plant (dissolved in 2003 and crossed out of the Registrar in 2017) started the erection of the pipe line mill in the town of Siemianowice Slaskie in 1978. Since the pipe line mill was excluded out of the list of the central investments, it was not in the position to finance the enterprise by itself nor to ensure a long term financing, for it was worth of a several hundred million of Polish Zloty. Founded in 1995, WRJ Company founded was meant to fulfil the investment of the pipe line mill with a production range of 160 000 ton of pipes annually; financing of the project being severed, the works of the nearly ready investments were stopped in the 95% final phase in 2001.

The problems of the company began since that time – indebtedness going into hundreds of millions of Polish Zloty, pledges on property, and complicated questions in the land pieces and real estate property became an obstacle for the continuation of the WRJ projects, as well as of those of other investors.

Actually, pipe line plant property is taken over by the bailiff in its entirety, the bailiff acting following the petition filed by the creditors.

Silesia Financial Group and Silesia Tube Plant which is 100% dependent on the TFS herewith declare the property of WRJ “Jedność” as to be on sale.

The following are the main processing parts of the Mannesmann system:
Raw material rotary heating furnace
Walking beam furnace
Skew roll piercer
Tube-reducing mill
Continuous mill with a draw- bar
Tube-reducing mill with a draw
Induction heating of pipes set

A detailed list of the property on sale please see under
Please answer in written form by no means later than till June, 30th, 2018.

Supplementary information

WRJ Assortment
Assortment to be produced consists of seamless rolled pipes, of the dimensions as follows:

Outside diameter – 21,3 mm – 159,0 mm
Wall thickness – 2,3 mm-25,0 mm
Pipe length – max .12 m. (special length up to 16 m.)

More than four hundred body sizes are possible because of different potential relationship of wall thicknesses to outer diameter, as follows:

Overflow pipes: 21,3 mm – 159,0 mm
Construction pipes: 21,3 mm – 159 mm
Installation pipes: 21,3 mm – 70 mm
I grade requirement boiler pipes: 21,3 mm – 159,0 mm
III grade requirement boiler pipes – 21,3 mm – 159,0 mm
Pierced hollow tubes for tube drawing bench – 21,3 mm – 114,3 mm
Drilling pipes – 54,0 mm – 139,7 mm
Fire safe tubes – 114,3 mm – 139,7 mm


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