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    Małopolska ranked 3rd among Polish regions in terms of GDP growth in 2018 in relation to 2017

    Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Jerzy Fugas | 2020-02-05 10:47:47
    gdp, regions, małopolska, growth

    Based on preliminary estimates of the gross domestic product of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) by region, Małopolska was ranked 3rd in terms of the GDP growth rate in 2018 in relation to 2017.

    According to preliminary estimates made by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the GDP of Małopolska in 2018 amounted to PLN 172.3 billion, which means an increase of 7.6% compared to 2017 and places the region, in this respect, on the third position behind Podkarpacie with a growth rate of 7.8% and Warsaw Capital City with a result of 7.7%. The increase in the GDP of Małopolska translates into a higher share in the GDP of Poland, at the level of 8.1% and a higher GDP per capita, which amounted to PLN 50,735 (92.1% of the national average).

    In 2018, an increase in gross domestic product in current prices was recorded in all regions compared to 2017, with the largest in the Podkarpackie region - by 7.8%, and the smallest in the Lubelskie region - by 3.5%, compared to 6.3% for the country in general.

    The shares of individual regions in the generation of GDP in 2018 varied considerably - from 2.0% in the Opolskie region to 17.4% in the Warsaw capital city region.

    The value of GDP per capita in 2018 ranged from 37.1 thousand PLN in Lubelskie region (67.4% of the national average) to 121.2 thousand PLN in Warsaw region (220.2% of the national average).

    The highest level of GDP per capita obtained in 2018 in the region of Warsaw's capital city exceeded the value of GDP per capita in the region of Lubelskie, where its lowest level was recorded, by more than 3 times.


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